Meaning of rightsize in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrʌɪtˈsʌɪz/


[with object]
  • 1mainly US Convert (something) to an appropriate or optimum size.

    ‘organizations are beginning to rightsize computer systems to suit themselves’
    • ‘On governance, Mbeki said the restructuring of the government was still continuing, and additional steps would be taken to rightsize the public service.’
    • ‘But that won't happen unless facility executives are educated about the value of rightsizing and the importance of whole-building design.’
    • ‘‘It's not a downsizing as much as it is a rightsizing,’ says Ray Lane, a general partner at the firm.’
    • ‘In Chhattisgarh, the seven-month-old Raman Singh government is all set to be ‘rightsized’.’
    1. 1.1Reduce the size of (a company or organization) by shedding staff.
      ‘he plans to rightsize a number of departments by offering salaried separation packages’
      • ‘They ‘decruit’, ‘downsize’, ‘rightsize’, ‘de-job’ or ‘de-layer’.’
      • ‘We are rightsizing to remain in line with the market.’
      • ‘Coincidently, government cuts were ordered and commercialisation, rationalisation, efficiency reviews, downsizing, rightsizing and redundancies became the words of the '90s.’
      • ‘Such interest in the UK might be perceived as flattering if it were not for the fact that acquisition is often followed by downsizing, rightsizing, or whatever the latest euphemism for job cuts happens to be.’
      • ‘Civil servants now ‘rightsize,’ ‘outsource’ and ‘reinvent.’’
      • ‘With companies busy downsizing - oops, rightsizing is the politically correct word - dressing down has become the order of the day.’
      • ‘Beyond the budget, there is the whole question of rightsizing the Community, and many other serious issues.’
      • ‘‘I've been downsized, laid off and rightsized six times since 1993,’ she says.’
      • ‘I was a senior bureaucrat in the Victorian State public service before falling victim of the economic rationalist rightsizing fad that flourished in response to the oil induced recession of 1991.’
      • ‘Maybe AOL just needs to keep rightsizing itself until the unit is small enough that everyone believes there is just one agenda and they deliver magnificently on it.’
      • ‘With downsizing, rightsizing and just plain working our butts off to do more with less, the velocity of business dealings often masks control weaknesses.’
      • ‘There will be more mergers and acquisitions, divestments, rightsizing, outsourcing, buy outs and buy ins which incidentally make like for like performance comparisons very difficult.’
      • ‘They've been through downsizing and rightsizing.’
      • ‘Of course, rightsizing is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling HVAC operating costs.’