Meaning of rightward in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌɪtwəd/

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(also rightwards)
  • 1Towards the right.

    ‘the little stream curves rightward’
    • ‘Jupiter creeps rightward by a bit less than a finger's width each day, while Venus climbs a little higher, as if rising to meet it.’
    • ‘Chris lurches rightward toward Peggy.’
    • ‘In the first image, a small red point appears at the left border and moves rightward, gradually disappearing.’
    • ‘It is also possible to gain High Ledge by scrambling rightwards from the foot of Labrum.’
    • ‘Climb the desperate slab rightwards under the first roof to a resting place.’
    • ‘He sprang rightwards into a good save.’
  • 2Towards support of right-wing or conservative ideas or policies.

    ‘the electorate is moving rightward’
    • ‘panic set in and the party lurched rightwards’
    • ‘When any centre-left party drifted rightward, it always comforted itself that its core supporters would stay loyal because they have nowhere else to go.’
    • ‘The country's national political scene has edged rightward.’
    • ‘The party just kept moving the center ever rightward.’
    • ‘Over the past decade, the party has moved rightward.’
    • ‘The party moved sharply rightward between 2008 and 2012.’
    • ‘It is generally accepted that the electorate has shifted rightward in recent years.’
    • ‘Polling even showed that public opinion slanted rightward on these issues.’
    • ‘Polling data indicate that younger voters are trending rightward.’
    • ‘The country's political mood turned rightward.’


  • 1Going towards or situated on the right.

    ‘the rock face is climbed via a rightward curving crack’
    • ‘Such behavior is responsible for the sequential rightward shift of the curves and the hysteresis.’
    • ‘Lactic acidosis may facilitate the supply of oxygen to working skeletal muscle by causing a rightward shift of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve.’
    • ‘Furthermore, amiloride alone or in the presence of Ltip peptide produced a significant rightward shift of the expiratory P-V curve, most probably secondary to an important interstitial edema produced by amiloride.’
    • ‘He had a rightward midline shift measuring 8 mm.’
    • ‘The appended strip accentuates the rightward momentum of the depicted fish tail, as if the wriggling beast had pushed out the side of the composition.’
    • ‘The slope of the hillside changes direction beyond the trees, from rightward to leftward, as the fault crosses Lincoln Avenue.’
  • 2Tending to support right-wing or conservative ideas or policies.

    ‘a sharp rightward shift in national politics’
    • ‘They are moving the Democratic party in a rightward direction.’
    • ‘The only way for Democrats to reverse the slow rightward drift in constitutional law is by winning elections.’
    • ‘When the rhetoric is that of the rightward fringe of the Republican Party circa 1952, I worry a lot.’
    • ‘The paper seems to have lurched politically rightward in its news coverage lately.’
    • ‘This crude fabrication is a manifestation of a sharp rightward lurch experienced by so many academics.’
    • ‘Various factors come into play in producing this situation, including the general rightward lurch by the political and media establishment.’
    • ‘While there is likely some rightward political bias, the magnitude of the bias might not be that significant.’
    • ‘Sensing the electorate's rightward shift, he embraced welfare reform.’
    • ‘The late 1970s saw an abrupt rightward shift in the attitude of the US on the world stage.’
    • ‘Since the elections, the rightward trajectory of the Democratic Party has continued apace.’