Meaning of rigorously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɪɡ(ə)rəsli/

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  • 1In an extremely thorough and careful way.

    ‘the court rigorously scrutinises the settlement’
    • ‘He argues that the Home Office is rigorously excluding opposing views from the tour.’
    • ‘He's an agricultural engineer who has been studying ammonia application rigorously for the past four years.’
    • ‘The rigorously measured geometrical procedures adopted here ought to produce much more reliable reconstructions.’
    • ‘Of all the arts, music is the most often and most rigorously examined.’
    • ‘I should read threads more rigorously before I post.’
    • ‘The reading or writing supplement must be rigorously prescribed.’
    • ‘This interpretation of Nietzsche is rigorously thought through.’
    • ‘An administrative decision to deport will be rigorously examined and subjected to the most anxious scrutiny.’
    • ‘The poet is a rigorously attentive observer.’
    • ‘Their police department engineered a massive victory over crime in the 1990s by rigorously analyzing police data.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is strictly applied or adhered to.
      ‘a blackout was rigorously enforced after darkness’
      • ‘rigorously honest documentation of confidential experiences’
      • ‘Some of the best movie adaptations do not adhere rigorously to the author's text.’
      • ‘The securities and antitrust laws must be rigorously enforced.’
      • ‘If the mantra were applied rigorously, then Britain would get rid of farming altogether.’
      • ‘It follows the formula rigorously, meaning that, once the characters have initially found each other, complications must break them apart.’
      • ‘It's an approach some architects give lip service to, but few rigorously follow.’
      • ‘It follows the formula as rigorously as it sticks to the facts.’
      • ‘These people rigorously follow Buddhist teachings, as they interpret them.’
      • ‘His chaste monastery is rigorously faithful to what English critic Roger Fry once called that order's taste for 'ostentatious simplicity'.’
      • ‘Like the most individual auteurs, he rigorously conforms to no other vision of the cinema but his own.’
      • ‘She was unfortunately born a girl, negating her from the tribal custom of male leaders, a custom rigorously held by her grandfather.’
    2. 1.2In a harsh and demanding way.
      ‘the government was punishing traffic law violators more rigorously’
      • ‘Her protest was entirely peaceful and caused no damage, but they said she would be rigorously prosecuted.’
      • ‘The deliberately miswritten order has its uses, making it even more important that orders be strictly adhered to and doubtful ones rigorously banned.’
      • ‘Under his government, the death penalty was reintroduced and freedom of the press was rigorously restricted.’
      • ‘If anyone delays in payment, the bailiffs shall without hesitation rigorously seize the goods and chattels of the deceiver and satisfy the merchant for payment.’
      • ‘The philosopher, whose materialist view of religion appalled the bishops, found his published works rigorously suppressed by officialdom.’
      • ‘Laws are implemented rigorously, and punishment is severe and exemplary, and it doesn't matter who you are or who your uncle is.’
      • ‘He interrogates her rather rigorously, and I think he enjoys it.’
      • ‘The provincial government said that people found to be involved in building the roadblocks would be rigorously punished.’
      • ‘To free the soul and achieve immortality, the mortal body had to be rigorously disciplined to keep it morally pure.’
      • ‘The aspirations of the various nationalities of the empire were rigorously suppressed, and a determined effort was made to fuse them into one state.’