Meaning of ringing tone in English:

ringing tone

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  • A sound heard by a telephone caller when the number dialled is being rung.

    ‘I slammed down the receiver before I even heard the ringing tone, and all at once, I comprehended that I had made my choice.’
    • ‘The callers will get to hear the set piece of music instead of the usual ringing tone.’
    • ‘In desperation I rang the local police at Hovingham where a woman answered and put me through to a police crime report section, but this too only responded with a ringing tone.’
    • ‘As he leaned over the low brick walls, he punched in a now-familiar number and listened to the dull ringing tone.’
    • ‘The call-waiting facility interrupts the current call with a ringing tone to inform you there is another incoming call.’
    • ‘Dialing the numbers, she raised the phone to her ear and listened to the ringing tone.’
    • ‘Finally Craig's answer machine cut off the ringing tone.’
    • ‘He stated that he had phoned on the Wednesday night and throughout the Thursday and that on all occasions the phone was either engaged or he just got a ringing tone.’