Meaning of ringneck in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɪŋnɛk/


  • Any of a number of ring-necked birds.

    a common pheasant of a variety having a white neck ring.
    (Australian) a green parrot with a yellow collar (genus Barnardius, family Psittacidae: two species).
    (North American) a ring-necked duck (Aythya collaris, family Anatidae).

    ‘On the one hand, you have the uplands: home to the ruffed grouse and the woodcock, the ringneck pheasant, the bobwhite quail, and just possibly sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge, too.’
    • ‘Wigeon, scaup, ringnecks and a considerable number of mallards make use of the parkland habitat, Sharp said.’
    • ‘It made a good all-around bird gun and took its share of ringnecks.’
    • ‘Once properly trained to hunt within 25 to 30 yards of the gun, the Springer can dependably find and flush ringnecks from whatever cover they inhabit.’
    • ‘One of the birds I bagged was a ringneck hybrid called a ‘California Buff.’’
    • ‘The ringneck parrots are native across Australia.’
    • ‘Port Lincoln ringneck parrots are believed to have been the main offenders, and Department of Agriculture technical officer said it was a reminder of the potential for damage to horticultural crops by some native birds.’