Meaning of ringside seat in English:

ringside seat

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  • 1A seat immediately adjacent to a boxing ring.

    ‘A film like this succeeds not only because of the story and characters, but because the fight scenes are filmed in such a way that we're in the ring with the fighters, not merely spectators watching from a ringside seat.’
    • ‘I had a ringside seat for what could be a fight to the death.’
    • ‘It is difficult to know whether to laugh at, or cry for, the unfortunates who shelled out up to £500 each for ringside seats at the ‘fight’ last Saturday night.’
    • ‘While there, I was fortunate enough to have ringside seats for Thai kickboxing, a real treat.’
    • ‘Larry said the ringside seats are going to sell no matter what the price.’
    • ‘The demand for tickets has been growing steadily and it looks as if all the ringside seats will be sold out in advance.’
    1. 1.1An advantageous position from which to observe or monitor something.
      ‘when the war in the air got under way, the site of the bungalow gave an awesome ringside seat of events’
      • ‘He has been a foreign correspondent for 20 years with a ringside seat at many major international events.’
      • ‘He spends a lot of his time holed up in safe flats, and, peeking out of the window, has a ringside seat at much military action, but remains strangely marginalised.’
      • ‘They'll get a ringside seat as the youngsters develop and will be able to watch as they take their maiden flight from the tree-top nest.’
      • ‘We definitely have a ringside seat at a tenacious and historic affliction of an out of control Credit system and boom and bust dynamics.’
      • ‘I had a ringside seat for the early years of that project, because it all happened right around the corner from my old lab.’
      • ‘Much of what he has gained from his ringside seat is an idea of what not to do in an emergency.’
      • ‘From the ringside seats it was clear that finally the message of the global anti-war movement had been heard loud and clear.’
      • ‘After lunch, we moved to the observation/lounge car, where we had ringside seats for the outstanding Sierra Nevada scenery.’