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Pronunciation /rɪŋk/

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  • 1

    (also ice rink)
    An enclosed area of ice for skating, ice hockey, or curling.

    ‘the girls were planning to go ice skating at the rink in George Square’
    • ‘Jessica and I went ice skating at an indoor ice rink.’
    • ‘The recently opened Colorado Springs World Arena and Ice Hall, with an Olympic-size ice rink, is where some of America's top figure skaters now train.’
    • ‘The local baseball field had been flooded to make an outdoor ice rink and every night people flocked to it to skate.’
    • ‘Sarah sat on a bench at the edge of the ice rink, and tied her skates in the familiar way.’
    • ‘We had been planning to skate on the pond because it was still frozen over, but Mr. Walker threw the puck onto the ice and it cracked so we moved to the indoor ice rink.’
    • ‘That's because Olympic contests are played on a wider ice rink that opens up the game and gives the elite players space to be creative.’
    • ‘There was a large ice rink in the center and all around the perimeter there were people lounging about and putting on their skates.’
    • ‘But her father never took her to the ice rink to play again.’
    • ‘My skates glided over the ice as I did a few quick laps around the indoor ice rink.’
    • ‘Liz sat on the spectator's bench at the ice rink with her cousin Megan, George's sister who had come out to visit for a few weeks.’
    • ‘They play awesome music and you ice-skate or dance on the floor in the middle of the rink.’
    • ‘Her main winter sport was ice-skating down at the rink in Officer's Square.’
    • ‘A small child whizzed past her, and she almost stepped back onto the rubber platform that surrounded the rink.’
    • ‘I step off the ice, and skate a victory lap around the rink, and grab the American flag that one of the fans held out for me.’
    • ‘She skated across the rink and came back next to me waiting for an answer.’
    • ‘For 6 Euros (about 5 bucks real money), you get a rented pair of skates and entry to the rink for up to 3 hours.’
    • ‘Katalyn and Greg skated out to the center of the rink.’
    • ‘Megan, obviously, wasn't the greatest ice skater in all of Britain, but she could still make a few laps around the rink without falling, once she got used to it.’
    • ‘I pulled him by the hand for a lap around the rink.’
    • ‘After a few laps around the rink without any help, Samantha became more confident.’
    playing area, enclosure, field, ground, ring, rink, green, alley, stadium, track, arena
    1. 1.1A smooth enclosed floor for roller skating.
      ‘A couple shows later, this past Halloween, they played an unforgettable all ages gig at a roller rink.’
      • ‘The album opens with pair of songs that might very well have been recorded on a huge, old organ in a dusty roller rink.’
      • ‘‘Well, we were going to go to the roller rink, but we obviously can't, seeing that you went and busted your knee,’ Bre absently said as she hunted for something in her backpack.’
      • ‘The building was practically empty but the sounds of skate wheels collapsing against the polished hard wood floor still filled the rink.’
      • ‘He begins experimenting with urethane wheels after visiting a factory that was making them for skates used in roller rinks.’
      • ‘Empty parking lots, tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts, off-season ice rinks, roller rinks, and unused warehouse space all serve as appropriate in-line hockey venues.’
      • ‘This hall included a specially built floor that could be used as a roller-skating rink.’
      • ‘After Monique rented the rollerskates, she dragged me unto the rink.’
      • ‘The roller rink was the cool hang out until I was 14.’
    2. 1.2A building containing an ice rink or roller rink.
      ‘Me and a couple of friends are going to the roller-skating rink downtown after school.’
      • ‘He would come back from the rink with his skateboard, and there she was in the doorway of the building.’
      • ‘The Hawks started before the boy's team did, and as I entered the rink for the first Hawks practice, I was in very good spirits.’
      • ‘I had been the one to suggest we go skating right then and not later like he had suggested, at the indoor rink the next day.’
      • ‘When we arrive at the rink, I go to the girl's locker room to change into my skating clothes.’
      • ‘When the Giants took to the ice, though, she found herself cheering along with the rest of the fans in the rink, yelling and screaming encouragement.’
      • ‘Coach Reynolds was the ice hockey coach and Trish's husband, Craig, they owned the ice rink.’
      • ‘The rink closes for the last time on Sunday, to make way for a housing development.’
    3. 1.3The strip of a bowling green used for playing a match.
      ‘Zambia's women bowling rink team has qualified to the quarter-finals of the ongoing World Bowls Championships in Leaminton Spa, England.’
      • ‘The bowling rink also is for hire and sets of bowls are available for use.’
      • ‘The bowling rink is available for a two hour session on Friday afternoons during the indoor season.’
  • 2A team in curling or bowls.

    ‘he helped his rink to win by 35 shots to 4’
    • ‘News gets better with the Perth rink on a roll with 4 wins and two defeats prior to our third last game.’
    • ‘The county under 25's double rink (male) have qualified for the regional finals at by beating Hertfordshire by 16 shots.’
    • ‘Walker was in the 24-15 winning rink skipped by Scarborough's Dickens.’
    • ‘On Rink 3 the home rink skipped by Tom Ferris was losing by 4 shots to 2.’
    stadium, amphitheatre, theatre, coliseum


Late Middle English (originally Scots in the sense ‘jousting ground’): perhaps originally from Old French renc ‘rank’.