Meaning of Rioja in English:



mass noun
  • A wine produced in La Rioja, Spain.

    ‘Even Rioja, already Spain's leading table wine at the turn of the 19th century, found few markets other than neighbouring Basque country and South America.’
    • ‘Setting out at dawn with a formidable supply of beer and rum, they would fish all day then return under moonlit skies to dine and drink jugs of Rioja wine in local Spanish restaurants.’
    • ‘Main dishes are customarily accompanied by a simple salad, often made with vegetables picked minutes before from the household garden, and are almost always served with the region's Rioja wines.’
    • ‘Any young and fruity red, such as a Beaujolais or Rioja, is a good all-around choice.’
    • ‘Pinot noirs are particularly popular at all price points and there are plenty of others, such as Spanish Riojas and grenache blends from the south of France.’
    • ‘Some publications use panels or teams of tasters, so the person who steered you toward that great Spanish Rioja may not be the same one praising the German Riesling.’
    • ‘Behind a door at the back of the kitchen hides an extensive wine cellar stacked with choice Riojas.’
    • ‘Over ten days of walking the group will pass through Rioja vineyards, the plains of Navarre, small, traditional villages and lush valleys dotted with red poppies.’
    • ‘Willis sampled a lot of Beaujolais with Arlott, but what he loved most were the Riojas.’
    • ‘Draught beer is around €2.20 a glass, but why bother when you can buy fantastic Rioja reservas for the price of a bottle of plonk back home?’
    • ‘A newcomer on the scene, at least to American palates, is tempranillo, the hearty Spanish grape that goes into Riojas.’
    • ‘As it was felt, justifiably, that most Riojas were undervalued anyway, the increases implemented at the time have remained in place.’



/rɪˈɒhə/ /rɪˈɒkə/