Meaning of riparian in English:


Pronunciation /rʌɪˈpɛːrɪən/


  • 1Law
    Relating to or situated on the banks of a river.

    ‘all the riparian states must sign an agreement’
    • ‘There is far too much open water in this island where riparian owners are private citizens for a duty of such a wide general nature to be easily imposed by the law.’
    • ‘The House of Lords held that as a riparian owner the company was entitled to enjoy access to the water in contact with its frontage and to have the water flow to it in its natural state.’
    • ‘Fish and crustaceans enter this system, attracting native waterbirds, shorebirds, and seabirds, which regularly forage along the ditch's riparian banks.’
    • ‘These bodies are invariably composed of riparian states, yet they are expected to take account of the needs of the marine environment, and thus of coastal states who may be affected by river-borne pollution.’
    • ‘Montana lawmakers began to feel riparian water rights might not be appropriate in the arid West, and they looked to the mining states of California and Colorado for direction.’
    • ‘The bureaucratic control by government over the settlement process in Australia caused the demise of the common law system of water allocation by riparian right and the appropriation of rights to water by the government.’
    • ‘Because they are terrible swimmers, they must cling to riparian roots in order not to be washed away.’
    • ‘The various groups that make up this community have organized to challenge development, protect the riparian region of the Santa Cruz River, and promote bird watching.’
    • ‘The guide provides instructions on riparian buffer installation and maintenance for farmers and landowners.’
    • ‘During this 3-year study, they found that the three-zone riparian buffer was effective at reducing the amounts of two herbicides, atrazine and alachlor, that entered the shallow groundwater and surface runoff.’
    • ‘‘But we've learned about the importance and the value of riparian zones now, and in the most recent set of photos, you can see where people have let the plants grow back along the creek banks,’ Klement says.’
    • ‘But in the last few years, northern Maine's conducive climate, generous riparian valleys, and even the state's longtime cultural ties to the tuber haven't been enough to buoy local growers.’
    • ‘Specifically, the team is investigating the design and function of riparian systems, which serve as buffer zones between bodies of water and agricultural fields or urban areas.’
    • ‘Therefore the sharing of the Nile waters by the riparian states especially of the Nile Basin does not necessarily drastically affect Egypt.’
    • ‘Some long stretches of navigable river could in fact be used only in winter, when the water was high; and fish weirs placed by riparian landowners could impede progress at any time of the year.’
    • ‘Only 3 percent of his 16,500 acres are riparian, but they make up 35 percent of his total production.’
    • ‘There is a great deal of interest in research on riparian management and water quality in the western United States.’
    • ‘Testing of samples of deposited sediments in the riparian zone determined that agricultural activity in the watershed has caused increased sediment deposition to the wetland.’
    1. 1.1Ecology Relating to wetlands adjacent to rivers and streams.
      ‘the ranch's most expansive riparian habitat’
      • ‘With their support, we can improve and protect the stream and riparian habitats upon which the imperiled wildlife of the Green River fauna depends.’
      • ‘Together, the two funding sources should ensure that significant portions of Green River riparian habitats are restored and protected.’
      • ‘Floodplains supported softwood forests and bountiful warm-season riparian food resources such as fish and mussels.’
      • ‘‘Large woody debris provides shelter for fish and insects, stabilizes caving banks, and restores riparian habitats,’ says Shields.’
      • ‘If riparian vegetation is left undisturbed, organic matter accumulates in the soil and enhances microbial activity.’


Early 19th century from Latin riparius (from ripa ‘bank’) + -an.