Meaning of risk management in English:

risk management

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mass noun
  • (in business) the forecasting and evaluation of financial risks together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact.

    ‘Too many shops are currently executing uncertainty management rather than risk management.’
    • ‘In the post-Enron environment, there can be no excuse for the lack of effective fraud risk management.’
    • ‘The financial institutions themselves have also implemented risk management on their loan portfolios.’
    • ‘Effective risk management must be based on proactive, continuous assessment of all potential risks to a company.’
    • ‘Judges were impressed with his new strategic policy for risk management across the council, which has gone beyond the usual scope of the discipline.’
    • ‘He oversees risk management for some 18,000 employees.’
    • ‘Risk management has to come from the top.’
    • ‘Risk management habits have to be second nature.’
    • ‘Here we present 13 ways to manage your risk, while below, toymaker James Galt proves just how important risk management can be.’
    • ‘Norwich Union said that " generally this is about risk management.’
    • ‘They also have a responsibility to educate and train their charges in risk management and safe practice.’
    • ‘Physical and financial hedging around energy commodity purchasing represents the most common approach to risk management.’
    • ‘One of the bitter ironies is that many of the finest financial brains lost in the carnage were in the discipline of risk management.’
    • ‘The statement shows an elementary misunderstanding of the nature of derivatives and their use in financial risk management.’
    • ‘It's very important to remember, that data security is an important part of the risk management of any modern organisation.’
    • ‘This literature's commitment to a scientific/quantitative approach to risk management blinds it to its limitations.’
    • ‘Several schools focus on additional skills, such as risk management, leadership development, crisis management, or business communication.’
    • ‘For most businesses and governments, security and risk management are far greater concerns than is pornography.’
    • ‘It must be tied with operational risk management to ensure that the reward is worth the risk.’
    • ‘Using common sense and personal risk management will help make you more visible to the automobiles on the road and protect your body in case of an accident.’