Meaning of rithe in English:


Pronunciation /rʌɪθ/


(also rythe)
dialect British
  • A small stream or channel.

    In Middle English also in "well-rithe" noun Obsolete a stream flowing from a spring.


Old English; earliest use found in King Alfred (c848–899), king of the West Saxons and of the Anglo-Saxons. Cognate with Old Frisian rīd, Old Dutch rīth (Middle Dutch rijt, Dutch rijt (with secondary change of the final consonant)), Middle Low German rīde from a derivative (with dental extension) of the same Indo-European base as Sanskrit rī- to flow, Old Church Slavonic rinǫti (used reflexively) to rush, Old Russian rinuti to throw, push (Russian rinut′) and rinutisja to rush (Russian rinut′sja).