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river blindness


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mass noun
  • A tropical skin disease caused by a parasitic filarial worm, transmitted by the bite of blackflies (Simulium damnosum) which breed in fast-flowing rivers. The larvae of the parasite can migrate into the eye and cause blindness.

    Also called onchocerciasis

    The worm is Onchocerca volvulus, class Phasmida

    ‘Onchocerciasis, or river blindness affects more than 17 million people in Africa, Latin America, and Yemen.’
    • ‘Officials from the World Health Organization last week celebrated the elimination of onchocerciasis, or river blindness, as a public health threat in west Africa.’
    • ‘We are planting corn, rice or wheat, and we're also dealing with Guinea worm, and river blindness, and chistocymsis and tropical diseases.’
    • ‘The federal government is responsible for the training of health care workers and running nationwide health campaigns such as those aimed at fighting AIDS, Guinea worm infection, river blindness, and leprosy.’
    • ‘Diseases like leprosy, Guinea worm and river blindness are endemic.’
    • ‘Prevalent tropical diseases are malaria, schistosomiasis, and river blindness, especially in the south.’
    • ‘Yet, while onchocerciasis eradication is a success and children born in the 1990s have no risk of river blindness, malaria is still a problem in developing countries.’
    • ‘Diseases like sleeping sickness, schi stosomiasis, and river blindness - once thought under control - have made a comeback in recent years.’
    • ‘She took a short course in ophthalmology and collaborated with research into river blindness in Central Africa.’
    • ‘Outbreaks of river blindness have been reported in over 80 percent of Burkina's land area, causing people to leave their villages to seek healthy, uninfected areas.’
    • ‘They spent the next two decades setting up clinics in the bush, combating river blindness, training teachers for the blind, setting up training colleges and having many adventures.’
    • ‘The best example of such generosity is their gift of Mectizan, a drug that prevents river blindness, to over 25 million people in Africa.’
    • ‘While these issues were being debated by the company and the world public health community, the ravages of river blindness continued.’