Meaning of riverine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɪvərʌɪn/

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technical, literary
  • Relating to or situated on a river or riverbank; riparian.

    ‘a riverine village’
    • ‘The destruction wrought by sudden, violent, and uncontrollable flooding, however, was recognized as a recurrent problem for riverine communities, landowners, and businesses.’
    • ‘The soils are mostly leached sands and are defined as generally poor in nutrients and relatively saline except for the clay riverine soils.’
    • ‘This riverine port, 125 miles from the capital, accessible by paved road only in 1996, still has one of the best hospitals in Central Africa.’
    • ‘The Egyptians, also a riverine people, did not develop clay but concentrated on plants, using a reed brush to paint their signs on papyrus stems that were pressed together to form sheets held in place by their own gum.’
    • ‘During European colonization, Italians established plantations in the riverine area and settled many poor Italian families on the land to raise crops.’