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Pronunciación /ˈrɪvjʊlɪt/

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  • 1A small stream of water or another liquid.

    ‘sweat ran in rivulets down his back’
    • ‘A small rivulet of water had come off from the main stream, and had formed a clear puddle about two feet across.’
    • ‘Several rivulets of the water spread toward the perimeter of the room.’
    • ‘The sun falling upon my back has turned the dampness beneath my hair to wet, a tiny rivulet of sweat trickling down my spine.’
    • ‘Her stockings are ruined and a rivulet of blood trickles from one of her knees.’
    • ‘Things that Ramis thinks are funny - such as sweat pouring in rivulets off a basketball player's face - don't work, and the saccharine sweet ending strikes the wrong note.’
    • ‘Tilting his canvases at steep angles, Ross drips thin pigmented rivulets from top to bottom.’
    • ‘Beads of perspiration rolled merrily along my hairline and flowed down the shallow rivulet between eye and nose.’
    • ‘The titanium container smashed into the ground, and a small rivulet of fuchsia trickled out.’
    • ‘The liquid coursed down the fabric in rivulets and emptied into a semicircular metal basin below, producing the murmurous sound of a steady downpour.’
    • ‘At one point, Parry struck himself in the face, and for the rest of the set he performed with a thin rivulet of blood running down his cheek.’
    • ‘She felt frozen, rooted to her chair, beads of sweat forming and pouring in tiny rivulets down her back.’
    • ‘The overall presentation of Hero is so tastefully restrained that a tiny rivulet of blood is all that ever flows after a fighter is mortally wounded.’
    • ‘A permanent coating of titanium oxide causes rainwater to slide in cleansing sheets rather than in dirt-streaked rivulets.’
    • ‘In one he mixed oil-and water-based paint to create tiny rivulets where the two come into contact.’
    • ‘Some of the liquid evaporates with a soft hiss; the rest descends in sad rivulets.’
    • ‘Some of the liquids spilled out onto the gallery floor in small puddles and rivulets.’
    • ‘A small rivulet of blood trailed down the screen.’
    • ‘Stubbornly, he rolled over and refused to wake, a thin rivulet of droll dripping from his chin.’
    • ‘He wiped upwards from where the rivulet of blood was running down his arm and up to the puncture.’
    • ‘It is possible to swallow, but expect the odd rivulet of saliva to escape down your chin.’
    trickle, dribble, drip, drop, droplet, stream, rivulet, runnel
    1. 1.1 literario A very small river or stream.
      ‘Tracing the rivulet a hundred paces from the highway, she found the spring that fed it.’
      • ‘Arthur was the first one to greet the rivulet; nearly falling off the ten-foot cliff edge that dangled it's face over the waters of the creek.’
      • ‘It took her to a small rivulet that branched off from the main rush of the creek.’
      brook, rivulet, rill, runnel, streamlet, freshet
  • 2A brownish European moth with white markings, occurring in rough grassland.

    Perizoma affinitatum, family Geometridae


Late 16th century alteration of obsolete riveret (from French, literally ‘small river’), perhaps suggested by Italian rivoletto, diminutive of rivolo, based on Latin rivus ‘stream’.