Meaning of road bike in English:

road bike


  • 1A bicycle for use on paved roads as opposed to rough terrain or racing tracks, especially one designed for competitive cycling.

    ‘His Stumpjumper, a cross between a high-tech road bike and a sturdy mountain bike, debuted in 1981.’
    • ‘Many add such delights as wireless sensors and a dual wheel-size function to allow easy swapping between road bike and mountain bike.’
    • ‘All the information I received led me to believe that the hills were not as bad as first anticipated so I chose a full time trial bike instead of a road bike.’
    • ‘Stanforth points out that your core region is also worked on a road bike, as are your triceps, which are used a lot for balancing and even pulling up steep hills.’
    • ‘I've a gorgeous road bike that I love to death, riding it is like flying.’
    • ‘Once you decide on a hybrid, mountain or road bike, saddle up and check the distance between the seat and handlebars.’
    • ‘If you'll be cycling around town, a cruiser or hybrid road bike would be best; for two-wheeling it on the trails, you'll want a mountain bike.’
    • ‘Paul Andrews is taking a 20-minute spin on a Trek Y-Foil road bike.’
    • ‘Ten years ago, a typical high-end Trek road bike sold for $2,200, according to Andrews.’
    • ‘Nine of the riders rode mountain bikes and 16 rode road bikes.’
    • ‘The two storey, 16,000 sq ft showroom caters for all ages and tastes, with separate sections for road bikes, children's bikes and mountain bikes.’
    • ‘It's that variety, says owner Chris Dupuis, that attracts both weekend riders and more serious cyclists who spend $1, 500 and up on high-end road bikes.’
    • ‘Almost 30 million of us pedaled road bikes twice a month last year, and another l0 million mountain-biked monthly on single-track trails.’
    • ‘‘We will be on the road a minimum of five hours per day, but the road bikes we are using can cover the distance quickly and anyone who is in decent shape could handle it,’ he said.’
    • ‘New Zealand was importing British road bikes and converting them for use on farms.’
    • ‘Niamey boasts traffic police in California-like road bikes, their immaculately sharp uniforms lit up by the sodium glare of street lights.’
    • ‘‘For a start,’ says Christie, ‘I love road bikes - the lightness of them, the engineering.’’
    • ‘In a world of mountain bikes that look like motorcycles and road bikes with 27 gears, the track bike hasn't changed its basic form for a century.’
    • ‘I am not a biker, preferring off-road motorcycle sport, but because of the foot and mouth crisis I was considering buying a road bike to use this summer.’
    • ‘In October of 1977, Joe built a fat-tire bike of lightweight tubing that was previously found only on better road bikes.’
  • 2A motorcycle that meets the legal requirements for use on ordinary roads.

    ‘Its wheels were thick, like those of a four-wheeler, but the rest of the motorcycle was of the same proportion as a road bike.’
    • ‘I had to borrow a bike from a mate of mine for the weekend's races, but we didn't manage to get it ready for racing specification in time, as it was a road bike.’
    • ‘The park manager believes with no licensed tracks nearby, riders have been using the park as a short cut and a race track for their mopeds, quad and road bikes.’
    • ‘To picture cyclocross, think the WWF meets Breaking Away - a steeplechase conducted on hybrid road bikes outfitted with knobby tires, cantilever brakes, and drop handlebars.’
    • ‘The handling in particular was not good compared to the Aprilias, because the Italians have been making road bikes for years.’
    • ‘The company behind the move plans to use the Honda ST1300 and Yamaha FJR - among the most powerful road bikes in the world.’
    • ‘‘We both had road bikes until a year ago, but we were getting too many points on our licences, so we decided that Paul should go racing,’ said Sheryl.’
    • ‘It's a problem caused by using the engines we do - they come from road bikes and we don't really know what their history is.’
    • ‘The 29-year-old, from Long Street, Easingwold, has converted a Honda RVF 400 machine from a road bike to a racing bike with great results.’