Meaning of Road Code in English:

Road Code


  • (in New Zealand) the official set of rules and guidance for road users.

    ‘in this situation, the Road Code exhorts drivers to give way’
    • ‘The Road Code says that you must not park closer than six metres from a pedestrian crossing on the approach side.’
    • ‘The Road Code for cyclists states that where provided, cyclists should use cycle lanes.’
    • ‘Police and staff will be checking whether cyclists comply with the road code.’
    • ‘Riders are to keep as far to the left side of the roads as possible and normal road code rules apply!’
    • ‘Anyone I ask doesn't understand its meaning and it's not in the Road Code.’
    • ‘Often illiteracy got them into jail, either indirectly through unemployment or directly through offences such as driving repeatedly without a licence simply because they couldn't read the road code.’
    • ‘His lawyer stated he had read the New Zealand road code before going on honeymoon.’
    • ‘I recall reading something years ago in the road code about the give-way road markings but cannot remember if this is the rule.’
    • ‘They're among the 10 Road Code questions that teen drivers and others sitting learner licence theory tests get wrong most often.’
    • ‘The Road Code for cyclists exhorts them to keep as far to the left as practicable, but not to the extent thatit compromises safety.’