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road hump

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another term for sleeping policeman
‘I'm not excluding myself here, braking for sparrows, taking five minutes to ease my way across a road hump in case it catches the exhaust and not exceeding 40 mph on the M62.’
  • ‘The builder, wearing a fluorescent jacket, was at the controls of the digger, tearing up the road hump and scooping the rubble away.’
  • ‘We even went into a road hump pretty hard, and the car still stayed together like a dream.’
  • ‘They only have to ask for a mini roundabout, road hump or width restriction for it to be granted and then loaded on to council tax.’
  • ‘The other thing is this craze York has got for traffic lights and road humps.’
  • ‘People in Kirkfields want a priority traffic system with carriageway narrowing and road humps to slow drivers down.’
  • ‘There is nothing to slow drivers down, no road humps, traffic lights, or anything.’
  • ‘The headteacher, governors and parents at Glenaire Primary welcomed the proposal - but some Thompson Lane residents expressed concerns about the potential noise caused by road humps.’
  • ‘The vehicles then strike the road when driven over the traffic-calming road humps, which are a particularly popular speed control measure in the York area.’
  • ‘Plans to introduce road humps on a number of roads in Braintree have been welcomed, but there are fears it will still not stop speeding motorists.’
  • ‘This was the first bus route to be treated in Sheffield with road humps, in 1991, and it was aimed at reducing the child pedestrian accident rate.’
  • ‘It is intended that speed cushions will be used on the bus routes, while the remaining streets will be treated with road humps.’
  • ‘A meeting between ward councillors and residents was also held over a scheme for road humps in both Park Drive and Vaughan Street.’
  • ‘They should have not wasted so much of council taxpayers' money on hair-brained schemes like wheelie bins, parking restrictions, road humps and supplementing the police with wardens to patrol areas.’
  • ‘While traffic-calming measures such as road humps may help reduce speed, they don't reduce the volume of traffic.’
  • ‘I agree that some sort of traffic calming measures need to be implemented if drivers refuse to drive at a safe speed, but I feel the road humps could be smaller.’
  • ‘If the residents are afraid of speed merchants racing up and down, then put some road humps in place.’
  • ‘After returning from a holiday abroad, I found yet another set of totally useless road humps while driving back from the local airport.’
  • ‘A snowplough's blade is carried only a few inches from the ground and must be lifted before the vehicle can drive over road humps.’
  • ‘In the long term there will be much better ways of taming the traffic than crude devices like road humps.’