Meaning of roadie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrəʊdi/

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  • 1A person employed by a touring band of musicians to set up and maintain equipment.

    • ‘he looked a bit like a roadie for a heavy metal band’
    • ‘I have this theory about roadies and headlining bands: If a roadie walks across the stage, it's at least two minutes before the band go on.’
    • ‘Playing this sort of music did nothing to bring me towards liking pop but that all changed when I got a job as a roadie for Johnny Dankworth's big band.’
    • ‘William spends most of the movie chasing his interview, encountering a colorful crew of roadies, rockers, and groupies - pardon, ‘band aids.’’
    • ‘As roadies quickly ran through soundchecks, rabid fans began chanting ‘Sam!’’
    • ‘One night, the band ordered some Indian food and a whole bunch of it spilled on the floor and I asked the roadies to please clean it up.’
    • ‘After a prolonged break allowing the roadies time to set the distortion pedals to full power, the Foo Fighters finally took to the stage.’
    • ‘As a swarm of roadies toiled about with their pre-show set-up, a revolutionary thought crossed my mind.’
    • ‘As the roadies began setting up Pearl Jam's gear, I spent the down time checking out the crowd.’
    • ‘It features extensive interviews with the four original Ramones, and the three others who came later, along with great concert footage and comments from fans, roadies, family, and other musicians.’
    • ‘As we settle into our exclusive boxes, the roadies are setting up and testing the instruments.’
    • ‘In addition to the normal guitars, drums etc, roadies also brought out a number of tree branches, which were dotted liberally around the stage, giving it a pastoral feel.’
    • ‘A roadie ran on with another mic so then I was holding two mics taped together and I wasn't really sure which one to sing into.’
    • ‘This absolutely worthless look at the ant-like endeavors of the roadies as they strive to erect the sprawling sets is mind-bogglingly dull and unimpressive.’
    • ‘He was a sweet guy, a great roadie, and nice to have around when it came time to get paid.’
    • ‘Around the campfire, the roadies told tales of their past adventures with the Dolls in Louisiana.’
    • ‘The regular gripe about multi-band events is often the fact that set-up times are almost as long as the sets themselves, which is where the most efficient team of roadies I've seen in a long time come into play.’
    • ‘Smitten, Travis hopes to win Lola's affections by heading cross country with her in a traveling rock band as their number one roadie!’
    • ‘Soft-spoken guitar tuner and roadie Mitch longs to be a guitar player and to have some of the perks of the obnoxious guitar idol he works for.’
    • ‘She used to be a roadie for a rock band and a biker.’
    • ‘I liked being a roadie and I had made some amazing friends over the past four years.’
  • 2A cyclist who rides a road bike or is fanatical about road biking.

    • ‘Peter's a roadie making his first foray into mountain biking’
    • ‘Its nice to see some good bike handling skills amongst the roadies.’
    • ‘For an "I wish I was riding in the Tour" roadie, he has the wrong physique.’
    • ‘From seasoned racers to brand new roadies, all will unite on the 7th July to ride 100km.’
    • ‘The Kenyan-born roadie won the green points jersey at the 2005 student championships in Cape Town.’
    • ‘Aesthetically, I would love something that doesn't adhere to the current roadie world of big logos on every inch of the bike.’
    • ‘Sarah is a four-time world individual pursuit champion and Lauren and I are two roadies.’
    • ‘As a hopeless roadie with poor off-road technical skills, I loved how the supple rubber gripped the ground.’
    • ‘We talked to other users of the oval rings - both mountain bikers and roadies - and found early wear is relatively common.’
    • ‘I've been mountain biking for 25 years and was a pretty hardcore roadie before that.’
    • ‘You ever see roadies pushing their bikes up hills?’


[no object] informal
  • Work as a roadie for a band.

    • ‘Norm used to roadie for Ten Years After’
    • ‘He had been roadying for us since 96 but seemed to spend more time ‘minding’ the beer, so it made sense for him to at least earn his freebies.’
    • ‘Our harmonica player and singer finally resorted to roadying to make ends meet.’
    • ‘He looks like he should be roadying for Slipknot.’
    • ‘I'd roadied with the Sex Pistols and The Stranglers and Elvis Costello and really got a taste for that sort of lifestyle.’
    • ‘I roadied for a few decent bands so I met the right people and a drummer can always find a band no matter how bad they are (drummer or band!).’
    • ‘Inga's telling us about the time she roadied for Morrissey!’