Meaning of rock-hard in English:


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  • 1Extremely hard or solid.

    ‘rock-hard shafts of ice’
    • ‘six-pack abs and rock-hard pecs’
    • ‘They are sealed between two sheets of thick, rock-hard plastic.’
    • ‘Hiking up her top layers, she stashes a pair of goggles against her rock-hard tummy.’
    • ‘You're guaranteed a custom-made workout perfect for sculpting a rock-hard midsection in record time.’
    • ‘The key to getting that rock-hard body is simply hard work.’
    • ‘It is a powerful little digger with long, strong claws, which it uses to rip apart rock-hard termite mounds.’
    • ‘In 1740 during an intense frost, birds fell to the ground frozen in flight and rock-hard bread was inedible.’
    • ‘He tripped and landed headfirst on the rock-hard road.’
    • ‘I slid my hands up his chest and then back down to his rock-hard stomach.’
    • ‘It was rutted, like a ploughed field, and rock-hard.’
    • ‘It has been a long-held belief that those with lower back pain should sleep on a rock-hard mattress.’
    • ‘Do you need two hours in the gym every day to achieve your dream of a rock-hard body?’
    • ‘Women love a lean and muscular body complete with rock-hard abs.’
    • ‘Blackberries should be inky-black and a bit soft, never rock-hard.’
    • ‘We finally settled on a coffee shop that served rock-hard bagels and stale croissants.’
    • ‘Having a rock-hard stomach is my trademark, and I keep it with exercise and good posture.’
    hard, rock-hard, rigid, firm, solidified, set, frozen, jellied, congealed, concrete
    1. 1.1Unlikely to change, fail, or collapse.
      ‘her rock-hard relationship with Vic’
      • ‘This is a man of absolute rock-hard integrity.’
      • ‘Until someone comes up with rock-hard evidence, we ought to refuse them.’
      • ‘"That's pretty rock-hard evidence," Judge Hannah commented.’
      • ‘Kushal Kumar has an abundance of rock-hard faith.’
      • ‘The self-knowledge that I could never live contentedly elsewhere than in Nova Scotia seemed to evolve to a point of rock-hard certainty.’
      • ‘His strategy is rooted not only in calculated opportunism, but also in a rock-hard philosophy of how the game must be played today.’
      • ‘Something else helped the men of D-Day: their rock-hard belief that Providence would have a great hand in the events that would unfold here.’
      • ‘An ambitious goal to change the principles by which governments fund the arts foundered, I suspect, on the rock-hard inability of governments and organisations to change unless forced to do so.’