Meaning of rock-strewn in English:



  • (of an area or surface) covered with a scattering of rocks.

    ‘she stumbled along the rock-strewn ground’
    • ‘We left the ancient temples in quest of more primitive experiences out in the rock-strewn countryside.’
    • ‘Except for the lack of any vegetation, the sandy, rock-strewn landscape looks much like an earthly desert.’
    • ‘Many species have had to make unusual adaptions in order to live in the narrow, rock-strewn central channel.’
    • ‘The rock-strewn sand of the bottom was plainly visible.’
    • ‘The photograph revealed with astonishing clarity a flat rust-colored and rock-strewn landscape under a pinkish sky.’
    • ‘On donkey and on foot, the besieged inhabitants stole away in the nights, making the arduous trip across the rock-strewn landscape in search of a safer place.’
    • ‘They set off then, a young man and a young horse, going to make of his rock-strewn acres a profitable farm.’
    • ‘The only sound we could hear was the low-slung van waging battle with the rock-strewn road.’
    • ‘Only about 15 percent of the Sahara is sand - the rest consists of rock-strewn mountains and massive plains of stone and gravel.’
    • ‘Shoes are a luxury and a bucket of water requires long hikes over steep or rock-strewn paths.’