Meaning of rock chopper in English:

rock chopper


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A manual labourer working on the construction of a road, railway, or canal.

    • ‘a poor rock chopper was working in the hot sun’
    • ‘The founding father of our union, he once worked as a rock chopper.’
    • ‘The rock-chopper, the quarryman, and the stonemason were also liable to miners' consumption.’
    • ‘Had it not been for the war, he surely would have been a chicken killer or a rock chopper.’
    • ‘They said the rock-chopper died in gaol.’
    • ‘He finds that his saw has now an edge on it like a rock-chopper's pick.’
    • ‘"Labouring Occupations" include the ice cart offsider, motor boy, rock chopper and tipman.’
    • ‘The patient, a rock chopper by trade, complained of lassitude and general weakness.’