Meaning of rock climbing in English:

rock climbing


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mass noun
  • The sport or activity of climbing rock faces, especially with the aid of ropes and special equipment.

    ‘he took up rock climbing’
    • ‘a rock-climbing expedition’
    • ‘Nestled at the foot of two mountain ranges, newcomers to Salt Lake bask in outdoor pleasures such as hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.’
    • ‘Her love of the sport is undiminished, and she describes rock climbing as a ‘moving meditation’ in nature.’
    • ‘Rock-climbing trips with her security staffers are more than a team-building exercise: They are symbols of the way she approaches her life and career’
    • ‘You can learn the basics on maneuvering terrain and balance by taking rock-climbing classes at a gym.’
    • ‘A pair of entrepreneurs is getting an avalanche of inquisitive publicity after opening China's first rock-climbing gymnasium as a neighborhood bar.’
    • ‘They sponsored ski competitions and rock-climbing festivals, and the grass-roots approach worked.’
    • ‘After making sure my harness was secured, I put my foot on the fake rock-climbing wall and began to hoist myself up.’
    • ‘I came here for one of my rock climbing classes two years ago.’
    • ‘As Delphi is also an adventure centre, there are 25 activities to choose from, such as walks, dolphin-watching, surfing, sailing and rock climbing.’
    • ‘The Chelsea Piers staff will provide you with a daily itinerary that lists organized activities including sand volleyball, rock climbing, and soccer.’
    • ‘The site has designated areas for various individual sports including biking, running, skiing, snowboading, swimming and rock climbing.’
    • ‘You can also enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding, shopping runs, street fairs, and hot air balloon rides.’
    • ‘A female counselor named Andi had been apart of the rock-climbing team that fell - she was the only one that was able to tell us what had happened.’
    • ‘We had spotters when we played on the rock-climbing wall and we practiced falling off stilts in a way that would lessen the impact on our bodies.’
    • ‘I agreed eagerly and so Derek joined my three cousins for a day of rock-climbing in the mountains.’
    • ‘To leave a piton behind was one of the cardinal sins of rock-climbing.’
    • ‘For those of us who have never attempted anything more challenging that casual rock-climbing, it serves as a dramatic warning of what can happen when things go wrong.’
    • ‘I really believe in sisterhood and going caving and rock-climbing together, it was so great to have their voices down the bottom going ‘come on, you can do it’.’
    • ‘Dangling from the outside of the window by her fingertips she was suddenly thankful for all those rock-climbing lessons she had taken.’
    • ‘The park offers miles of hiking and cycling trails of varying degrees of difficulty, and rock-climbing for all skill levels.’