Meaning of rock spider in English:

rock spider


informal, derogatory Australian, New Zealand
  • A person who is sexually attracted to children; a paedophile.

    • ‘maybe they thought I was a sexual deviant, some rock spider lurking in wait’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong with showing prosecutors how rock spiders are busted.’
    • ‘Queensland's $127 million, state-of-the-art male supergrass jail houses rock spiders.’
    • ‘Personally, I don't think protecting rock spiders is in the nation's best interest.’
    • ‘That preferential treatment must cease or Queensland's rock spiders will continue to play the system to their own ends.’
    • ‘In Australian prisons they are rock spiders; they hide behind the anonymity of darkness while weaving their webs to ensnare victims.’
    • ‘Rock spiders are criminal felons.’
    • ‘Although prison authorities placed him in protective custody the violent abuse continued because he was classed as a rock spider.’
    • ‘Investigators tried to leave the skirmish but the union official swung his fist towards one of the passengers and abused both investigators, calling them pedophiles and rock spiders.’