Meaning of rock star in English:

rock star


  • 1A famous and successful singer or performer of rock music.

    ‘a teen-idol rock star’
    • ‘Kenny was the personal stylist to several big name rock stars.’
    • ‘Rock stars want to be actors; actors want to be rock stars.’
    • ‘Since she is married to a rock star in real life, this role can hardly have been a stretch.’
    • ‘He writes poetry and tries to emulate rock stars to win her over, but his voice is always breaking when he tries to sing.’
    • ‘No other rock star of the 1950s had the enduring appeal of Elvis, who made 30 movies, almost all of them musicals.’
    • ‘Famous for its picturesque medieval chateau and rock stars' villas, Neuchatel clings to the steep wooded slopes on the north bank of its eponymous lake.’
    • ‘In a Los Angeles hotelroom a burnt-out rock star remembers his past.’
    • ‘We were raised on television to believe that we'd all be millionaires, movie gods, rock stars, but we won't.’
    • ‘I was hesitant about watching a movie that featured a rock star as its main player.’
    • ‘It's easy to build documentaries around rock stars: they're generally photogenic and accustomed to baring their souls to strangers.’
    1. 1.1A person treated as a celebrity, especially in inspiring fanatical admiration.
      ‘she was a total rock star with paparazzi chasing her’
      • ‘the athletes get full rock star treatment’
      • ‘He loved Houston and was a total rock star there.’
      • ‘Bill Clinton is a rock star among Democrats.’
      • ‘In Russia, an intellectual is a rock star.’
      • ‘For my daughter's generation, he is a rock star, a seer and a beau.’
      • ‘She is a rock star wherever she goes.’
      • ‘If there is a rock star in sailing, it's Paul.’
      • ‘A rock star of politics, he didn't disappoint.’
      • ‘He consumes memory pills and dreams of being the rock star of the Scrabble world.’
      • ‘Does he believe chefs are going to be the rock stars of the new millennium?’
      • ‘Dali will always be the egotistical rock star of 20th century painting.’