Meaning of rock up in English:

rock up

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phrasal verb

informal British
  • Arrive; turn up.

    • ‘they rocked up at about 2.00 p.m’
    • ‘The basic premise is that the band rocks up in an unlikely spot and plays furiously until they are evicted.’
    • ‘Shovell fans out there in user land keep rocking up.’
    • ‘I was not surprised when Suede rocked up ripping off Bowie.’
    • ‘Do you really think that the brave old blokes from the 28th Maori Battalion who defended Crete would appreciate people this like rocking up to a dawn service?’
    • ‘I am planning on rocking up to a few theatres at the 6.30 mark and seeing whether there are stand by ticket for anything I'm interested in seeing.’
    • ‘I do, however, have visions of him rocking up on my doorstep and that thought mostly horrifies me.’
    • ‘Yesterday, the father that I had never seen in ten years rocks up and wants me to become a part of the mafia.’
    • ‘Oh, yeah, and can you see me rocking up to school like this?’
    • ‘I rocked up to head office in Dunedin and said I'd like to be a nurse.’
    • ‘On Saturday morning, about 4000 squatters rocked up at a piece of land in the Bredell area in South Africa's industrial heartland, the Gauteng province.’
    • ‘Then Anthony and Lance rocked up with a bottle of Cointreau.’
    • ‘The crew usually called before they just rocked up.’
    • ‘I've been living abroad for three years now but when I lived in Melbourne this was the only place I rocked up to on a Sunday.’
    • ‘Terrance rocked up not much later and not long after that we left.’
    • ‘I slid into the seat, all too aware of the fact that all conversation had died the second I'd rocked up to the table.’
    • ‘It wasn't a ghost that rocked up at the Veterinary Clinic in Selborne, 10 days ago.’