Meaning of rock wallaby in English:

rock wallaby


  • An agile Australian wallaby that lives among cliffs and rocks, having feet with thick pads and fringes of stiff hair.

    Genus Petrogale, family Macropodidae: several species

    ‘A hundred years ago, the brush-tailed rock wallaby was widespread and abundant throughout southeastern Australia.’
    • ‘Most of the national parks are far too small to protect biodiversity, let alone to allow threatened species such as the rock wallaby to survive.’
    • ‘With that news, came excitement from wildlife conservationists keen to protect the yellow footed rock wallaby.’
    • ‘It lies in a line with the main limb elements and transmits the thrust of hopping (this toe is secondarily somewhat reduced in rock wallabies and tree kangaroos).’
    • ‘Rich in birds and wildlife, it's home to adders, pythons, rock wallabies, sea eagles, flying foxes, curlews, koalas and equally cute marsupial possums.’