Meaning of rockling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɒklɪŋ/


  • A slender marine fish of the cod family, typically occurring in shallow water or tidal pools.

    Genera Ciliata and Rhinomenus, family Gadidae: several species

    ‘Spider crabs stalked the seabed; wrasse, blennies, shannies and rockling darted over the reefs, and pollack wheeled overhead.’
    • ‘The bait also attracts additional dogfish, flounders, rockling, pout and school bass and makes for a busy session.’
    • ‘Tope packs come in shallow and work the edges of stony reefs looking for black bream, school bass, rockling and even small dogfish.’
    • ‘Nobody would say that a flounder, dab or rockling is going to pull hard, although I admit that flounder on light rods are fun.’
    • ‘In these extreme northern latitudes of Baffin Bay, by-catch consisted primarily of gelatinous snailfish, Arctic skate, and four-beard rockling.’