Meaning of rodent ulcer in English:

rodent ulcer


  • another term for basal cell carcinoma

    ‘The enlargement of the liver was usually noted clinically, once thought to be due to secondary growths from a rodent ulcer of the face, once regarded as hypertrophic cirrhosis.’
    • ‘Also known as a rodent ulcer, this is the most common form of malignant skin cancer.’
    • ‘As the lesion enlarges, it outgrows its blood supply and ulcerates, forming a so-called rodent ulcer.’
    • ‘Over a long period of time, this increases the risk of skin cancers, including rodent ulcers, squamous carcinomas and malignant melanomas.’
    • ‘She's also prone to sores called rodent ulcers, which also sometimes go away on their own.’