Meaning of rodenticide in English:


Pronunciation /rəˈdɛntɪsʌɪd/


  • A poison used to kill rodents.

    ‘Many farmers use rodenticides - strong chemical poisons - to kill rats and other crop-damaging rodents.’
    • ‘Anticoagulant rodenticides all kill by inhibiting the process in which the liver produces clotting agents in the blood.’
    • ‘Nearly 100,000 human exposures to pesticides were reported in 2003, about a fifth of those involved rodenticides, or rat poisons.’
    • ‘Heavy metal poisoning mainly concerns arsenic (found in insecticides, rodenticides, herbicides, glass manufacture and smelting) and cadmium (byproduct of smelting copper, lead and zinc).’
    • ‘Mammals ingesting coumarins from plants such as clover can suffer massive internal bleeding, a property that led to the development of rodenticides such as warfarin.’
    • ‘Advisors will also be working with individual landowners, helping to improve the image of water voles and thus decrease the use of rodenticides.’
    • ‘Rodent control is essential using spring loaded, peanut butter-baited traps, and rodenticides.’
    • ‘Poisoned rodents may still contain undigested rodenticide and their carcasses present a danger to pets and other animals.’
    • ‘Most fluoride poisonings have been the result of rodenticide and pesticide ingestion.’
    • ‘I'm no fan of rodenticide, be it traps or chemical, but if it's them or my trees, then by whatever means necessary.’