Meaning of roisterer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɔɪstərə/

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See roister

‘In a drunken rage, the three roisterers set off in a run until they came to the tree, and there they found a pile of gold.’
  • ‘He may be a roisterer and act the fool, but he's got ‘bottom’, as they used to say in the 18th century, meaning he has substance.’
  • ‘As the old roisterer was being carted off to hospital on a stretcher he looked up at a gawping gaggle of tourists in the hotel lobby and gasped: ‘It was the food!’’
  • ‘He was rather worried about the traditional images of the gods as great roisterers and murderers and thieves, and all of these other characteristics that the Olympians had.’
  • ‘The old man was ticked off in seeing that two kids saw his new invention, mistaking us for some roisterers.’