Meaning of roll one's own in English:

roll one's own


  • Make one's own cigarettes from loose tobacco.

    • ‘Plus, and this is a big plus, you don't smoke as much tobacco when you roll your own.’
    • ‘He has smoked for 55 years, for many years he rolled his own, and later switched to 2-3 packs/day.’
    • ‘As the settlement exerts a greater effect and cigarette prices rise, some smokers may switch from full-price to discount brands or roll their own, at least for a while.’
    • ‘No need to roll your own because they've already rolled some for you, prepackaged in 5s and 10s, and without a huge government health warning all over the packet.’
    • ‘My father taught me how to roll my own when I was thirteen, but even back on the ship I didn't smoke much.’