Meaning of rollie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrəʊli/

nounplural noun rollies

(also rolly)
informal British
  • A hand-rolled cigarette.

    • ‘I've long since given up cigarettes, apart from a very occasional rollie’
    • ‘Simon was enjoying the spectacle by smoking a rollie.’
    • ‘Professor Edwards says smokers need to know that rollies are not 'more natural' or less dangerous.’
    • ‘A police search of his car had found a packet of rollie papers and a small plastic bag of crystal methylamphetamine.’
    • ‘Latest figures show that nearly 70% of city smokers choose to smoke rollies - with one in four believing it is less harmful than smoking tailor-made cigarettes.’
    • ‘He suggests that packets be designed to carry warnings explaining that rollies are not a healthier option.’
    • ‘With a classic Australian bush drawl and a rolly hanging from the corner of his mouth, he is a born and bred bush kid grown up.’
    • ‘30gram of rolly tobacco costs around $30-35 including tax levies etc.’
    • ‘The difference between nicotine and rollies was statistically significant, whereas that between nicotine and factory-mades was not.’