Main meanings of Rom in English

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Pronunciation /rɒm/

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nounplural noun Rom, plural noun Roma/ˈrəʊmə/

  • A member of the Roma people; a Romani person.

    ‘The young married person becomes a Rom or a Romni.’
    • ‘In 1905, a Baltimore society girl secretly eloped with a Rom.’
    • ‘Contrary to the popular conception, a Rom is not essentially a nomad.’


Mid 19th century Romani, ‘man, husband’, probably from Sanskrit ḍomba ‘wandering musician’, but also influenced by Byzantine Greek Rōmaios ‘Roman, citizen of Byzantine empire’, since the Roma formed into a distinct ethnic group within the Byzantine Empire.

Main meanings of ROM in English

: Rom1ROM2


Pronunciation /rɒm/

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  • Read-only memory.