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Roman Catholic


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  • Relating to the Roman Catholic Church.

    ‘a Roman Catholic bishop’
    • ‘Xavier University is the nation's only historically black Roman Catholic college, whose roots go back to 1825.’
    • ‘Nine of the 12 jurors are Roman Catholic, The judge is Roman Catholic.’
    • ‘In 1929 he became Australia's first Roman Catholic and Australian-born Labor Prime Minister.’
    • ‘The majority of French immigrants to the United States have been Roman Catholic.’
    • ‘And so another day had begun at All Saints Roman Catholic Secondary School, York.’
    • ‘If you don't believe me, I know some Roman Catholic families what can set you straight.’
    • ‘John was a well-known merchant and Mary was the daughter of a Roman Catholic member of the gentry.’
    • ‘My parents, a Roman Catholic priest and a nun, kept their vows of celibacy and met after each had left the clergy.’
    • ‘I am told that one must be a Roman Catholic priest in order to be a Jesuit.’
    • ‘For example, if a Roman Catholic parish holds a congregational vote and decides to start following Buddha instead, there's no question who's in charge.’
    • ‘No, she reasoned, Limbo was more of a Roman Catholic, Christian notion.’
    • ‘The Dominican Republic has traditionally and predominantly been a Roman Catholic nation.’


  • A member of the Roman Catholic Church.

    ‘Roman Catholics can't share a Eucharist with other Churches’
    • ‘Historically, the role of Mary has been a subject of deep controversy between Protestant churches and Roman Catholics.’
    • ‘Evangelicals and Roman Catholics can agree that Jesus is Lord.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, Roman Catholics are at their strongest in Greater Glasgow and Lanarkshire.’
    • ‘Albanians in the United States are primarily Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, or Muslims.’
    • ‘It only happens to Roman Catholics and Orthodox Jews.’
    • ‘Mary is venerated by many Roman Catholics as the Mother of God.’
    • ‘First, November 1st is All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation for Roman Catholics.’
    • ‘The Pope believes in theistic evolution, although some Roman Catholics are still creationists.’
    • ‘If so it can be made compatible with conversion as some Roman Catholics argued.’
    • ‘I also happen to be a Roman Catholic - a Roman Catholic convert.’
    • ‘Smithson, who had been confirmed as a Roman Catholic in 1950, intended these early works as vehicles of an intensely felt religious faith.’
    • ‘Henry VIII was a Roman Catholic and the head of this church was the pope based in Rome.’
    • ‘Although a Roman Catholic, his staunch Toryism made him acceptable in the University.’
    • ‘You felt that the only thing to do after he had finished talking about Newman was to become a Roman Catholic.’
    • ‘Up front I will tell you several things; I am a Roman Catholic; I have always found your take on events to be even-handed and finally; I could see your scathing review coming months ago.’


Late 16th century translation of Latin (Ecclesia) Romana Catholica (et Apostolica) ‘Roman Catholic (and Apostolic Church’). It was apparently first used as a conciliatory term in place of the earlier Roman, Romanist, or Romish, considered derogatory.