Meaning of Roman nose in English:

Roman nose



  • A nose with a high bridge.

    ‘She was dark-haired and had a Roman nose, a lovely nose, and very kind eyes and a beautiful mouth, as I remember.’
    • ‘He was handsome, though his features had the same cruel-looking set that mine do, winged eyebrows and a very Roman nose.’
    • ‘Mink colored hair and chocolate eyes lent sophistication to the hooked Roman nose and strong jawline.’
    • ‘Freckles were sprinkled over a perfect Roman nose and it was obvious that he worked out by the looks of how his clothing fit.’
    • ‘You are drawn to men with pointed chins and Roman noses… I don't think I've ever noticed…’
    • ‘Williams' song evokes the image of the most popular representation of American Indians: the feathered headdress, the Roman nose, and the stoic expression of the cigar store Indian.’
    • ‘With his classic Roman nose and full beard, he looks like a young Freud as he treats his motley assortment of weird patients, who offer the film's one concession to light comedy.’
    • ‘She was illuminated now, a little sylph of a woman, perhaps in her mid-thirties, with deep-set eyes and a long Roman nose.’
    • ‘A handsome man with olive skin, an appropriately Roman nose, and an enthusiasm and curiosity in his big brown eyes.’
    • ‘His face was thin and long, with almost a Roman nose and white lips.’