Meaning of Roman road in English:

Roman road


  • A road built by the ancient Romans, typically paved and following a predominantly straight route.

    ‘the A37 is, in fact, the modern descendant of Fosse Way—the Roman road from Bath to Ilchester, its straightness preserved in 20th-century tarmac’
    • ‘A second trench will allow archaeologists to investigate what is believed to be a Roman road.’
    • ‘At Langtoft in East Yorkshire, metal detectorists found two Roman coin hoards in pottery containers by the side of a former Roman road.’
    • ‘The Fosse Way ran through what is now the south-east of the shire, meeting the Roman road from Dorchester to Exeter.’
    • ‘Roads in medieval Britain often followed the line of Roman roads for substantial distances.’
    • ‘Medieval Britain inherited around 10,000 miles of Roman road, combined with an extensive network of trackways following less clearly defined routes.’
    • ‘The site is along the Via Emilia, one of the most important Roman roads in Italy.’
    • ‘One of the outstanding characteristics of Roman roads was they were more or less straight, without hesitation, repetition or deviation.’
    • ‘The other Roman road, which connected Manchester to Ribchester, is more famous.’
    • ‘I soon passed the packhorse bridge, built in 1675 and close to the ford by which crossed the Roman road to Boroughbridge.’
    • ‘A TEAM of Darwen archaeologist hope to dig up their past next month as they try to uncover an original Roman road.’
    • ‘Another classic example of Rome's engineering skill has to be the numerous Roman roads that still exist all over western Europe.’
    • ‘The growth of the area, like that of Bexleyheath, was tied up with Watling Street, the Roman road from London to Dover.’
    • ‘Roman roads tended to be built higher than the level of earth around them - this, again, helped drainage.’
    • ‘Many people are pleased and proud to know that they live near a Roman road.’
    • ‘It is an interesting site and gives you a look at what the Roman roads through Cumbria used to be like.’
    • ‘Our choice was Allerthorpe, in the Vale of York, and a drive of a dozen miles from the city on one-time Roman road.’
    • ‘All roads require repair; but while some Roman roads may never have had more than one road surface, many had around 10 surfaces.’
    • ‘Even the run-down Roman roads which served England after a fashion petered out in Scotland.’
    • ‘The Roman road was trod by the Army and peasants for five centuries and was probably used long after the Romans left Britain.’
    • ‘Some Roman roads exist to this day, nearly 2000 years after they were made.’