Meaning of rooibaadjie in English:



South African
  • 1A British regular soldier, a redcoat. Chiefly depreciative. Now chiefly historical.

    The term continued in common use after the South African War (1899–1901), although British soldiers were by then fighting in khaki.

  • 2A wingless red insect that is the nymph of the southern African brown locust, Locustana pardalina, in its gregarious phase.



/ˈrɔɪbɑːki/ /ˈrɔɪˌbɑːdʒi/


Mid 19th century. From South African Dutch roodebaatje, literally ‘red jacket’ from Dutch roode + South African Dutch baatje, baadje, etc. ‘jacket’ (Afrikaans baadjie; from Malay badju kind of shirt or jacket (now baju), apparently with alteration of the ending after Dutch -je, diminutive suffix).