Meaning of rookie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʊki/

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  • 1 informal A new recruit, especially in the army or police.

    • ‘a rookie cop’
    • ‘Even a rookie police officer could see he was involved with the other assassins.’
    • ‘We were presented with NYPD sleeve patches, shown around the police museum, visited the Police Academy where rookies were trained, and shown their incident vehicles.’
    • ‘Tracking down a horrifying killer, a rookie cop discovers what it is like for the hunter to become the hunted.’
    • ‘Mike Norton, a rookie border patrolman, is a stark contrast to the gentle Melquiades.’
    • ‘He explains that police officers make the most mistakes when they are rookies, and without as many experienced officers at their sides, there may be problems.’
    • ‘When a couple of rookie cops fail their first day of simulated assault tactics, they are instantly placed on the biggest case of their careers.’
    • ‘Mr. Orange is a rookie crook hired on by Joe to be the lookout at the door.’
    • ‘Gary Basaraba is a jovial veteran cop and Jason Gedrick plays his chip-on-his-shoulder rookie partner.’
    • ‘He knew he shouldn't have hired rookies to guard the second, third and fourth floors.’
    • ‘As he embarks on his mission, he recalls how he recruited and trained the young rookie, at that time a sergeant in Vietnam.’
    • ‘The only one that doesn't want to take any blame ever is rookie homicide detective Thomas.’
    • ‘He had trained over twenty thousand soldiers from rookies to veterans.’
    • ‘The Pentagon vigorously opposes that recommendation, but even a rookie spook can figure out that big changes are in the air.’
    • ‘We work with inner-cities, hire 100 rookies a year, put them all around the country in 10 of our major places.’
    • ‘Jake had only been a rookie officer then and he'd been sickened by the waste of life.’
    • ‘The game is centered on rookie homicide detective Lazarus Jones, who is called out to a disturbance in an abandoned high school with his partner.’
    • ‘When John was born, Nick was in Russia, along with other rookies from the Legion, battling a squad of soldiers who guarded a weapons plant.’
    • ‘Yesterday, Lee Alpe, and his rookie firefighter son Brendan, were called to ground zero.’
    • ‘He illustrated this by telling us about a rookie pilot flying with the squadron.’
    • ‘The rookie mayor is making four catastrophic errors.’
    • ‘Employees from the CEO down to the rookie sales associate had to be able to sit down at any counter at any health club location and know how to operate the sales desk.’
    conscript, new soldier
    1. 1.1A member of a sports team in their first full season.
      ‘Naturally, he is adept at organizing hockey camps and schools - an invaluable skill to have for a coach of a team that featured 12 rookies this season.’
      • ‘Many of our team members were rookies, myself included.’
      • ‘Although many of the current players are former athletes, others are rookies not only to football but to sports in general.’
      • ‘In spite of the loss, Waterloo must look to next season with optimism, especially given the talented young players who were rookies this season.’
      • ‘Many of the team's rookies proved their value with Kayleen Binga and Jennie Meijer leading the women and Danny Parsons and Kader El-Fityani leading the men.’
      • ‘In fact there is a fairly large percent of rookies on the team this year.’
      • ‘With six rookies, the team has not received a lot of offensive contribution from its bench, so Langford expects them to perform on the other end of the floor.’
      • ‘Adamson, who is coming off his rookie season with the Huskies, won a bronze medal for the Canadian National Junior team at the Grand Prix Du France.’
      • ‘Jimmy was not going to win Rookie of the Year, even though the innings he pitched barely qualified him for a rookie season.’
      • ‘Charleton was named to the All-Rookie team after an outstanding rookie year with the Clan.’
      • ‘His.299 batting average was highest among American League rookies in 1955, but his stay in the big leagues was brief.’
      • ‘The older members of the team were supported at the hearing by several rookies who experienced the initiation.’
      • ‘Newman, like many of her fellow rookie varsity athletes, did not get an abundance of playing time this season.’
      • ‘With six rookies on the men's track and field team and eight on the women's things are expected to improve next season.’
      • ‘In many professional sports, after a rookie has success in his/her first year, sport pundits wait to see if the athlete has any sophomore woes in their second season.’
      • ‘Overall, the rookies on defence played reasonably well, but need to be more aggressive when the opponents have the ball and less tentative when they have the ball themselves, but these are marks of experience that will surely come.’
      • ‘The Royals have cleared the decks and are playing a bunch of rookies on the cheap this year.’
      • ‘The Indian cricketers are all fairly experienced, they are not rookies anymore.’
      • ‘Being a rookie athlete requires you to leave a world of familiarity, where you've established credibility, to step into a new realm of high expectations.’
      • ‘Once the rookies ink their big-money deals - Williams's contract gives him the opportunity to make as much as $27 million over five years - it's open season.’
      novice, starter, beginner, newcomer


Late 19th century perhaps an alteration of recruit, influenced by rook.