Meaning of roomful in English:


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  • As much or as many as fit in a room.

    ‘I introduced a whole roomful of people to this wine last night’
    • ‘The auctioneers must surely have dreaded the prospect of mounting the podium to see a roomful of empty seats.’
    • ‘She starts her first class of the semester by asking a roomful of freshman students, "How many of you are feminists?"’
    • ‘What better way to break the ice with a roomful of total strangers in a foreign country whose language you don't know?’
    • ‘He looked like a whole roomful of demons had stomped all over him, which wasn't too far from the truth, I guess.’
    • ‘She takes on a roomful of dark-suited gangsters single-handed with only a samurai sword.’
    • ‘She was impressed that a 17-year-old would want to face a roomful of preschoolers.’
    • ‘The gallery showed a great roomful of his delicate, flat sculptures.’
    • ‘There is a certain sweetness to a roomful of 10-year-olds who are smarter than this big mouth in his 30s.’
    • ‘Successful businessmen told a roomful of students that the world outside the classroom will be their best teacher in entrepreneurship.’
    • ‘This is fine for those of you who like to cultivate a roomful of servers.’



/ˈruːmfʊl/ /ˈrʊmfʊl/