Meaning of root out in English:

root out

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phrasal verb

  • 1root someone or something out, root out someone or somethingFind and get rid of a harmful or dangerous person or thing.

    ‘he made it his goal to root out all spies in his midst’
    • ‘We will either root it out and extinguish it wherever it may hide, or it will find us and strip us of our safety, happiness and everything we cherish.’
    • ‘Basically, the government should get tougher with those who send such e-mails for their own profits and a national campaign should be launched until the evil practice is rooted out.’
    • ‘But the breadth of corruption makes the challenge of rooting it out more difficult.’
    • ‘There were pockets of corruption, but our efforts to root it out are beginning to yield results.’
    • ‘If he doesn't present himself, we're going to root him out, and we'll defeat him in kind that way.’
    • ‘In line with this policy, they handed her over to be tried as a witch by a combination of a Church Court and the Holy Roman Inquisition, set up to maintain the absolute divine authority of the Church by rooting out all heresy.’
    • ‘With frightening swiftness, nearly all enemy agents inside Confederation borders were rooted out, systematically hunted down, and then eliminated.’
    • ‘Until they can be rooted out, hopes for lasting peace will have hardly advanced at all.’
    • ‘One-in-three claiming to have been hit by untraced drivers drop their claims upon investigation by the bureau - 400 dodgy claims are rooted out in the initial stages of investigation every year.’
    • ‘He once said, ‘The country will see no hope if regional grudges are not rooted out.’’
    • ‘He urged the taxi industry to forge close links with the police so that these elements could be rooted out once and for all.’
    • ‘A whole rethink and development of policies which will put the nation on the road to economic recovery is necessary, so that poverty can be rooted out.’
    • ‘The local authorities have to do the main job of finding these gangs and rooting them out.’
    • ‘Rome abhorred the practice and rooted it out when encountered among others, although when writing of the Druidic rituals of the Celts and the taking of heads for trophies they probably exaggerated for propaganda purposes.’
    • ‘Our goal is to help our readers recognize this aberrant species of leader, effectively deal with them, and then hopefully root them out of the workplace.’
    • ‘If there are anti-competitive practices in the professions which are hurting consumers and damaging our economy then we must identify them and root them out.’
    • ‘We can all do our part to defend against them and to root them out.’
    • ‘Typos appear in virtually every book, and it's up to the proofreaders and typesetters to root them out.’
    • ‘After decades of struggle by activists the government finally accepted that institutional racism exists and promised that it would root it out of public bodies.’
    • ‘The sooner they are rooted out and dealt with the sooner we may be able to curtail what is now a worrying trend.’
    eradicate, get rid of, eliminate, weed out, remove, destroy, put an end to, do away with, wipe out, stamp out, extirpate, abolish, extinguish
    unearth, dig up, dig out, turn up, bring to light, uncover, discover, dredge up, ferret out, hunt out, nose out, expose
  • 2root something out, root out something

    (also root up)
    Dig or pull up a plant by the roots.

    ‘I spent a day in the garden, rooting out rose bushes’
    • ‘the pigs have been rooting up trees’
    • ‘He was told to root the plants out immediately.’
    • ‘If you fail to root it out, however, you find five the next day… fifty the day after that… and then, my brothers and sisters, your lawn is totally, completely, and profligately covered with dandelions.’
    uproot, tear something up by the roots, pull something up, grub something out

phrasal verb

  • root something out, root out somethingFind or extract something by rummaging.

    • ‘he managed to root out the cleaning kit’