Meaning of Rorschach test in English:

Rorschach test


  • A type of projective test used in psychoanalysis, in which a standard set of symmetrical ink blots of different shapes and colours is presented one by one to the subject, who is asked to describe what they suggest or resemble.

    • ‘Donnelly liaises with Amory Clarke, a psychologist at the Maudsley Hospital in London, who also advocates Rorschach tests, and the two have been planning a joint study.’
    • ‘Without him, you and I would still be giving Rorschach tests or worrying about habit strength and anticipatory goal gradients.’
    • ‘Similarly, Rorschach tests could be employed to discover whether a learner driver is a road-rager in waiting.’
    • ‘He administers the Rorschach test and conducts races between Charlie and Algernon through the maze.’
    • ‘Similarly the Rorschach test may be successful regardless of objective truth.’


1920s named after Hermann Rorschach (1884–1922), Swiss psychiatrist.


Rorschach test