Meaning of rottenness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɒt(ə)nnəs/


See rotten

‘He has a long background of becoming persona non grata in places where he has struggled against what he considers to be endemic rottenness in society.’
  • ‘But the actual reason Eastern spices were so much valued for so long was that their hot flavours concealed the taste of rottenness in the meat they were cooked with.’
  • ‘It merely exposed the rottenness and the hypocrisy of the establishment he hated anyway.’
  • ‘He grabbed my arm harshly and peered into my face so that I could see the horrible yellow rottenness of his teeth and smell his drink-addled breath.’
  • ‘It's bad if it hides corruption and crime, and fails to reveal the rottenness at the core of the organization.’