Meaning of rotunda in English:


Pronunciation /rə(ʊ)ˈtʌndə/

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  • 1A round building or room, especially one with a dome.

    ‘Similar to the curving rotundas of many capitol buildings, but, crucially, allowing in more daylight, it is monumental without losing its human scale.’
    • ‘Visitors during the summer of 2002 may expect to see a new black-and-white marble floor in the rotunda beneath the dome.’
    • ‘If he treats the rotunda like the tower, some solar shading may be in the works.’
    • ‘Waterplace is itself an artistic masterpiece: a curving waterway of canals, street lights, brick and stone steps, platforms for benches, restaurants, and small rotundas.’
    • ‘Canova's Napoleon was not presented in incongruous isolation but rather in its own room, like an urban temple, as the rotunda of a sculpture gallery.’
    • ‘From the museum rotunda, a huge angular mirror draws you into the exhibition space.’
    • ‘As late as 1928, Gunnar Asplund was lining the great rotunda at the Stockholm Public Library with books.’
    • ‘Some of the ceilings, especially that of the domed rotunda and the dining room, are richly decorated.’
    • ‘To create a dramatic backdrop for presentations, plays, weddings, and other events, a portion of the curved lower wall of the rotunda was re-created in the center of the building.’
    • ‘At Boldt Castle in the past three years a grand staircase, a great stained-glass dome, and a marble pavement have been installed in the central rotunda.’
    • ‘The entrance rotunda is rendered in light tones and polished surfaces, dominated by a large, banded window punctuated with green glass.’
    • ‘Using historical photographs, they restored the rotunda and legislative chamber to their original antebellum style.’
    • ‘It was destroyed in 1799, but descriptions and drawings show that it consisted of three rooms en suite leading to the principal rotunda with a vaulted ceiling.’
    • ‘We are presented with images of performing military bands in rotundas being watched by finely dressed women and British soldiers.’
    • ‘Circular rotundas and sweat houses, often rebuilt multiple times, are numerous.’
    • ‘In the center of this Greek cross plan, he placed a rotunda surmounted by a low dome topped by a lantern.’
    • ‘The center of Schinkel's building also contained a large rotunda, modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, where statues of the ancient gods inhabited niches recessed in the circular floor.’
    • ‘All of the collection's pictures were displayed in long and narrow rooms on the second floor around a rotunda containing sculpture.’
    • ‘Above this is a four-sided arched structure, and this is surmounted by a rotunda with Corinthian columns enclosing two statues.’
    • ‘Cold stone hallways wound away from the central rotunda where Mera stood.’
    cupola, vault, rotunda, arched roof, arched ceiling
  • 2usually rotondaPhilippines A roundabout.

    • ‘a rotonda that exits on four roads into Greater Manila’


Early 17th century alteration of Italian rotonda (camera) ‘round (chamber)’, feminine of rotondo ‘round’ (see rotund).