Meaning of rouble in English:


(North American ruble)


  • The basic monetary unit of Russia and some other former republics of the USSR, equal to 100 kopeks.

    • ‘Trailfinders recommends travellers take US dollars as you cannot buy or sell roubles outside Russia.’
    • ‘Yukos shares closed at 143.50 roubles in Russia, having dropped by as much as 12% in earlier trading.’
    • ‘The rouble plummeted overnight after Russia refused to pay for its internal debts and permitted banks to not fulfil their obligations to foreign partners.’
    • ‘A 50-year-old bread factory outside Grozny remains under rigid government control, with the price of a loaf fixed at five Russian rubles, or about 15 cents.’
    • ‘The Russian broker pays for them in roubles, which are converted into dollars by the U.S. broker.’


Via French from Russian rublʹ.