Meaning of rough-coated in English:



  • (of a dog or other animal) having relatively coarse fur which does not lie flat.

    ‘a rough-coated Jack Russell’
    • ‘This dog was probably a cross between the Matin - a large, smooth-coated breed often used as a draft dog - and the Berger Picard, a smaller, rough-coated dog.’
    • ‘He produced a strain of rough-coated fox terriers that were distinctive enough to be regarded as a separate breed that eventually became his namesake.’
    • ‘The Welsh terrier is a rough-coated animal with droopy ears, originally bred in Wales to catch rats, mice and other vermin.’
    • ‘An excellent pen followed by a decisive shed resulted in the rough-coated, tri-coloured dog being the clear winner.’
    • ‘The British canine authority believed the otterhound had been derived by crossing southern hounds and rough-coated Welsh harriers or foxhounds.’’
    • ‘Collies, in those days, were known as rough-coated sheepdogs or smooth-coated sheepdogs, depending on their coat type.’