Meaning of rough cut in English:

rough cut

Pronunciation /ˈrʌfˌkʌt/


  • The first version of a film after preliminary editing.

    ‘it was a long time before she could convince a producer to trust her, even with a rough cut’
    • ‘we have had a rough-cut screening that was a disaster’
    • ‘The film, which was submitted to Sundance at the rough-cut stage, was not accepted.’
    • ‘Also included are nine deleted scenes, which are thankfully not presented in rough-cut footage form.’
    • ‘I want to see the completed film, not the rough cut sent to me by the cinematographer.’
    • ‘It wrote that ‘judging from a rough cut of the film, this wonderfully acted ensemble piece may be the best fiction film about post-9/11 life to appear on screens’.’
    • ‘The rough cut of the film showed the president of the United States almost killed in a car wreck, then reborn as a crypto-fascist who makes violent changes in the country.’
    • ‘Charlie viewed a rough cut of the film early on and was seriously freaked out by the uncompromising nature of the film!’
    • ‘The Cannes version was a rough cut, or at least that's what Gallo says now.’
    • ‘She was disappointed with many of the attempts to translate her stories to the screen, but having been invited to view a rough cut of this version, she reported herself delighted.’
    • ‘That guy in Texas could bag your movie based on a rough cut of the film that we spent millions to make and market.’
    • ‘Benjamin admitted that mistakes had been made, especially in the handling of the press release after viewing Preminger's rough cut of the film in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘A screening of the rough cut was being shown in Boston, and 9 other cities, May 5th.’
    • ‘It is understood the board viewed two different rough cuts of the film at the beginning of last month.’
    • ‘There are a select few who have actually been allowed to see a rough cut of the film.’
    • ‘According to published reports, Jett felt she was underrepresented in the film when she saw a near finished rough cut.’
    • ‘Every minute of the footage is processed as a digital signal and put together into a rough cut at the sophisticated editing suites using state-of-the art editing software.’
    • ‘When I got home that evening I watched a rough cut of the bootcamp video that they had given out.’
    • ‘‘To my utter amazement, after he'd seen some of the rough cuts he jumped on board - and then worked for free on all the sound design,’ he reported.’
    • ‘At the end of shooting, back in New York, we watch rough cuts with missing but still needed voice over.’
    • ‘A rough cut of the documentary Alex is making about her father's failed 1988 campaign gets a frosty reception at a downtown indie-film festival.’
    • ‘He was kind enough to send me a rough cut of the documentary that he was working on at the time.’


(also rough-cut)
[with object]
  • Cut (something) rapidly and without particular attention to quality or accuracy.

    ‘it would be best to rough-cut the boards to size with a portable saw’
    • ‘The book describes cutting and rounding the log, drawing the design, rough-cutting the figure, carving the add-on pieces, rounding figures and carving faces.’
    • ‘It can be used on some dry-clean only fabrics if they're first rough-cut allowing enough excess fabric that the shrinkage incurred won't affect cutting the final pattern piece.’