Meaning of rough edges in English:

rough edges


  • Small imperfections.

    ‘despite the clever programming, there are still a few rough edges to the system’
    • ‘But for others it takes off the rough edges, it takes out all the excitement of a work by trying to make it more acceptable to an audience.’
    • ‘Radio can be good fun and tends to knock off the rough edges so that you can develop as a smoother performer, ready for your big break in front of the camera.’
    • ‘We live in a sanitized world, where spin and public image disinfects and sanitises any rough edges to our entertainment.’
    • ‘You've got to take the rough edges off if it's going to succeed.’
    • ‘While this board clearly has some rough edges, they all seem fairly minor and generally fixable.’
    • ‘Of course there were some rough edges, sagging phrases, and intonation problems, but these were soon forgotten when swept up into an interpretation of passion and character.’
    • ‘But, especially as the orchestra develops, and finds itself playing on other than home territory, some of those rough edges will need to be smoothed and polished.’
    • ‘Attempts to open the play up by occasionally taking it outside are not very effective, but despite the film's rough edges, the issues that are brought up are fascinating.’
    • ‘And even if the play has the faintly over-workshopped quality you often find in American drama, in which all the rough edges are planed down, it still exerts a fiercely intelligent grip.’
    • ‘But tempting as it is to smooth over the rough edges, a richer self-portrait of the artist emerges when you consider the inconsistencies within and between each film.’