Meaning of Roumanian in English:


Pronunciation /rə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪən/ /ruːˈmeɪnɪən/


  • old-fashioned spelling of Romanian (adjective)

    ‘The novel's protagonist is among the workers who decide to cross the picket lines as well as ‘the lowest foreigners - Greeks, Roumanians, Sicilians, and Slovaks’.’
    • ‘At the time the Roumanian army consisted of over a million Russians, and they with millions of Roumanian refugees were all trapped in a corner of Moldavia.’
    • ‘Victims were told that a member of Spanish (or Hungarian, or Roumanian, etc.) royalty was unjustly imprisoned, but had vast funds available if he/she could only get at them.’
    • ‘Ironically, he found success here conquering the Roumanian army and entering Bucharest in December 1916.’
    • ‘The Roumanians, practical as ever, would have accepted the new system.’
    • ‘His wife made this Roumanian eggplant dish, something like babaganush, for the chess marathons they played.’
    • ‘You'll find out what that young Roumanian gymnast should have taken.’


  • old-fashioned spelling of Romanian (noun)