Meaning of roundhouse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈraʊndhaʊs/


  • 1A railway locomotive maintenance shed built around a turntable.

    ‘The complex included a roundhouse built in 1924, and a massive Back Shop, constructed in 1905, along with dozens of other ancillary structures.’
    • ‘There were several switches, bridges and tunnels, signals and watertowers, and a roundhouse in the center.’
  • 2 informal A blow given with a wide sweep of the arm.

    • ‘he caught Dad on the head with a roundhouse’
    • ‘he'd taken a roundhouse punch’
    • ‘I was blocking high, to stop the roundhouse, and the sweep caught me totally off guard.’
    • ‘Both are limited to essentially one fighting move, a roundhouse punch, which makes for very repetitive and dull action sequences.’
    • ‘He pulled him off of her and, dodging a few punches, landed a few jabs and then a roundhouse punch.’
    • ‘Takemoto, in the middle rounds, attacked him with straight rights, while Saohin responded with roundhouse blows.’
    • ‘Dean is a fighter, albeit one who needs to learn that in an ideological spat, a well-placed jab often can do more damage than a barrage of roundhouse punches.’
    • ‘With that retort, Will shoved Mark into a table, but Mark countered, ducking from a roundhouse swing and taking Will's legs out from underneath him.’
    • ‘The other man took a roundhouse swing at Adam's head but Adam was able to block.’
    • ‘Outside in the wet grass, Max managed to get back to his feet before the jaguar could jump him and he took a roundhouse swipe at the cat.’
    • ‘When Angel was finished his swing, Andrea rushed in and threw a roundhouse at his head as quickly as she could.’
    • ‘I turned and ran straight into a roundhouse right that drove me into the stack of crates, toppling it.’
    • ‘Then he throws a heavy, slow roundhouse punch at my face.’
    • ‘He countered with a roundhouse that Ayane caught on her forehead.’
    • ‘Before he got a chance to counter, she launched a sharp roundhouse to his stomach, doubling him over.’
    • ‘He tried a high roundhouse and was met with an inside crescent by Jordan.’
    • ‘Albert steps forward and swings the book in a roundhouse.’
    • ‘The fight began with a single word from Harcouth and her opponent opened with a roundhouse that would have broken her jaw had it connected.’
    • ‘He gave David a roundhouse and ducked when David tried the same move.’
    • ‘His cheek was already swelling from the roundhouse and he had a rather nice black eye.’
    • ‘She switched her stance and lashed out with a double roundhouse, powerful enough to snap bone.’
    • ‘Malcolm shook off his captors and landed a roundhouse on the King's mouth, knocking him flat on his back.’
    1. 2.1Baseball A slow, widely curving pitch.
    2. 2.2A wide turn on a surfboard.
  • 3mainly historical A cabin or set of cabins on the after part of the quarterdeck of a sailing ship.

    berth, stateroom, compartment, room, deckhouse, sleeping quarters