Meaning of roving commission in English:

roving commission


  • An authorization given to someone conducting an inquiry to travel as is necessary.

    ‘They have put the decision-making process of the Borough through a demanding legal audit as if a roving commission were being conducted on behalf of all objectors.’
    • ‘When this had come to fruition, Heenan appointed Pascoe official war photographer with a roving commission to document how New Zealanders were prosecuting and surviving World War II on the home front.’
    • ‘You have a lot of people out there who treat this as the press now has kind of like a roving commission to find out every person that he has ever been involved with.’
    • ‘That certainty should not be undermined by giving the arbitrator a roving commission to be fair.’
    • ‘They may become a group equipped only to move around, and to become almost the first stage of a roving commission, digging the Government out of its hole.’